Embedded, Sustainable, Low Carbon Solutions

Inner city regeneration and development projects in the UK today are witnessing the emergence of commercial and economic opportunities (and consequent environmental and social benefits) brought about by the deregulation in the UK utility markets.

Changes in central, regional and local government environmental legislation and policy have stimulated demand for low carbon energy services. Communities are seeing the direct and indirect market benefits of these changes as local authorities and developers collaborate to deliver these low carbon, decentralised solutions.

Decentralised energy – market perception and reality

The market perception of decentralised energy projects is that they require substantial subsidy. This is not necessarily the case. Through careful analysis of energy infrastructure requirements and a well-structured commercial procurement approach, Inventa Partners have successfully secured large proportions of the plant and distribution infrastructure capital funding for a range of public and private sector development projects. At the same time, our approach has minimised on-going management liability associated with the provision of these services.

Meeting precise environmental and investment criteria

We work closely with developers, landowners, regional and local authorities and energy and utility services companies to extract the maximum value from embedded, sustainable, low carbon solutions. Most importantly, we turn these low carbon strategies into deliverable partnerships, which meet precise environmental performance and investment criteria

Adopting a well thought through, integrated approach delivers significant benefits to communities and businesses. Our approach entails:

  • Formulating an energy (heat, electricity and cooling) strategy. This enables the identification of potential benefits and the delivery of these services as a means of increasing the value of the development and improving returns.
  • Developing a clear understanding of the commercial models to inform business and investment decisions.
  • Identifying economic models that maximise the value of the respective utility service cost and revenue models.
  • Identifying financing options and laying the foundations for successful joint ventures.

Inventa Partners help clients to understand:

  • A development’s utility service demands.
  • The impact of current and emerging solutions. Much has been said about renewable technologies but in reality it is not about the technology; it is about the strategy.
  • How to successfully address the requirements of key stakeholders such as the community, local authority and developer.
  • The opportunities available to extend new utility services solutions beyond the confines of the development.
  • The energy services provision marketplace and the providers’ preferred business models.

Unique Expertise & Approach

The increasingly challenging demands for improvements in the performance of the built environment – ultimately towards a zero carbon target for commercial and residential premises – establishes, in our view, an even stronger case for the area-wide approach to delivering low carbon, sustainable, energy efficient developments.

This means delivering an integrated sustainable community utilities system that allows for the replacement and upgrade of heat, cooling and power engines, fuel supply, data infrastructure equipment/components, with renewable energy technologies, renewable fuels and next generation consumer and business telecommunications services, as and when these become commercially viable.

One of the main challenges facing a development is to deliver ‘future proof’ services against the backdrop of dynamic and radical advances in technology solutions for energy, fuels and telecommunications.

Our unique expertise coupled with a unique approach, outlined below, helps clients meet these challenges and realise environmental, social and commercial gains.

Solutions for Regional & Local Authorities

Local authorities and regions have a key role to play in leading and facilitating the use of sustainable, low carbon energy. UK central government supports this drive for low carbon energy generated locally, particularly in its planning and development policy. Government has made it clear that it expects all planning authorities to make full use of the positive approach to renewables set out in Planning Policy Statement 22 on Renewable Energy.

Helping authorities address complex sustainability challenges

Local and regional government executives face increasingly complex challenges in promoting and securing urban regeneration. Critical to the success of urban regeneration objectives, ambitions and social responsibilities are issues such as:

  • Complex project restructuring and funding.
  • The need for collaboration and partnering.
  • The setting of stretching but achievable sustainability and low carbon targets.
  • Using planning powers wisely and constructively.
  • The importance of early commitment.
  • The avoidance of short cuts – undertaking high quality preliminary work will pay dividends.
  • Stimulating economic revival – and enabling life chances.
  • Product/project differentiation – how to stand out in the crowd.

Inventa Partners’ services help address all such issues and to deliver Embedded, Sustainable, Low Carbon Solutions at lowest cost and highest benefit to all stakeholders.

Key benefits for the public and private sector and the communities they serve

Sustainable Thinking for Regional and Local Authorities

Creating a successful, vibrant, integrated community development against the backdrop of increasingly demanding carbon emissions targets and sustainability codes requires a new and innovative approach.

Inventa Partners’ unique role and knowledge of sustainable, low carbon energy and utilities sourcing and financing will help regional and local authorities to:

  • Enhance a project’s ability to provide exemplars in energy-efficient services and buildings.
  • Exploit new and emerging energy services and technologies.
  • Integrate sustainable services provision to reduce operational costs and minimise ‘whole life’ costs.

Delivering a commercially viable renewable utility services infrastructure

Climate change and carbon abatement legislation is accelerating demand for infrastructure services which take full consideration of environmental issues.

Traditional services infrastructure delivery models are vulnerable to these emerging market forces. These models are also vulnerable to the more conventional pressures exerted by the UK property market.

However, these challenges bring exciting opportunities for authorities that recognise the immense potential presented by such change.

New opportunities with long-term benefits for all

With Inventa Partners’ help, regional and local authorities can:

  • Move beyond responding to opportunities and threats.
  • Develop a strategy capable of realising the full value of integrated site infrastructure design and implementation
  • Ensure all elements are integrated to meet the aspirations for community development, social inclusion and new business growth and opportunity.

Solutions for Developers & Landowners

Reducing carbon emissions is a major concern for the world – and the UK construction sector has a significant role to play in managing and reducing the impact of the built environment on the wider environment.

However, this roles comes with considerable financial cost. An increasing onus is being placed on the development community to introduce environmentally beneficial innovation into their projects. This generally entails:

  • Embedded generation – the local generation of heat and power
  • A preference for the use of renewable fuel sources.
  • The developer or landowner absorbing the cost of these changes.

Transforming financial liability into commercial asset

Inventa Partners have developed an innovative approach to assessing the impact of environmental ‘add-ons’ and identifying ways of transforming this liability into a financially viable asset.

Our services help developers and landowners understand the true value of utility assets being planned for a scheme and then deliver Embedded, Sustainable, Low Carbon Solutions at lowest cost and highest benefit to all stakeholders.

Key benefits for developers and landowners

  • The ability to secure significant additional funding for developments – leading to a dramatic positive impact on a scheme’s cost plan and budget.
  • Clearer understanding of the implications of environmental legislation.
  • Proven strategies for turning environmental responsibilities and liabilities into a commercial asset.
  • Market-leading differentiation in sustainable services infrastructures.

Sustainable Thinking for Developers & Landowners

The UK government continues to strengthen legislation to improve the performance of building regulations towards a zero carbon target for all new residential development by 2016 and new non-residential development (commercial buildings) by 2019. This establishes, in our view, an even stronger case for the area-wide approach to delivering low carbon, sustainable, energy-efficient developments.

Supporting the transition to low carbon buildings and renewables

Inventa Partners supports and facilitates the area-wide approach, which can result in an integrated sustainable community utilities system that allows for:

  • The replacement and upgrade of boilers.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) engines.
  • Fuel supply (gas).
  • Data infrastructure equipment/components.
  • Renewable energy technologies.
  • Renewable fuels.

Next generation consumer and business telecommunications services as and when these become commercially viable.

Helping developers and landowners meet critical challenges

One of main challenges facing a development is to deliver ‘future proof’ services against the backdrop of dynamic and radical advances in technology solutions for energy, fuels and telecommunications. The implementation of a robust fibre optic infrastructure and the exploitation of information (data) made available from integrated, interconnected ‘building management systems’ will provide a significant contribution towards the realisation of carbon savings and reduction in ‘whole life’ costs of building operations.

The second main challenge is financing a transition to renewable generation during the lifetime of the project. Our work in this area has continually demonstrated that it is possible to achieve substantial reductions in carbon emissions associated with the total energy requirements of a development. However, the cost of doing so by deploying a package of building-mounted/ integrated technologies can be significantly greater than the cost of a site-wide embedded (community) heating and power infrastructure. Furthermore, the latter solution – site-wide embedded – has the potential to deliver three times the carbon saving.

On this basis, we advocate the adoption of an integrated approach to the provision of energy, water, waste and data services.

Specialists Groups

Inventa Partners has specialist commercial and financial skills in each of the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Telecommunications
  • Research & Development

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Sector Groups

Inventa Partners has deep experience in the development and delivery of strategies for funding sustainable, low carbon utilities infrastructure in the following sectors:

  • Commercial/Office
  • Mixed Use
  • Leisure
  • Residential
  • Retail

Find out more in:

  • Projects
  • Solutions for Regional & Local Authorities
  • Solutions for Developers & Landowners

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Services Summary

Inventa Partners’ services for regional and local authorities, developers and landowners include

Development and delivery of strategies for:

  • Economically viable, low carbon utility services infrastructure
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Multi utility infrastructure funding
  • Sustainable energy services funding

Strategies for partnering with:

  • Energy Services Companies (ESCos)
  • Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)
  • Multi Utility Services Companies (MUSCos)

Advice, consultancy and implementation strategies in areas such as:

  • Area-wide/site-wide embedded (community) heating and power infrastructure
  • Business modelling – development and evaluation
  • Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP)
  • Commercial structuring and planning
  • Data and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Decentralised energy
  • District energy
  • District heating
  • Electrical infrastructure provisioning (financing)
  • Embedded energy generation and distribution
  • Embedded low carbon solutions
  • Energy-efficient developments and regeneration projects
  • Energy from Waste (EfW)
  • Energy networks
  • Energy/Utilities/Infrastructure Strategy
  • Energy feasibility studies
  • Environmental technologies for the built environment
  • Financial modelling – development and evaluation
  • Green energy
  • Green infrastructure
  • Inset agreements
  • Infrastructure asset values
  • Infrastructure feasibility studies
  • Metering and billing
  • Renewables/renewable fuels and biomass
  • Scenario modelling
  • Strategic options and planning
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable built environment
  • Sustainable energy services
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Telecommunications services
  • Utility services infrastructure (water, waste, gas)

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